People who have a strict regime diet and have specific dietary needs. This includes all the natural ingredients and foods that are required as per your diet plan. You decide what all nutrient is required and at what time.


We will make sure we deliver it to you as per exact measurement and highly specific individual ingredients. You will not just have specific deliveries as per your requirement but also precise nutritional fats illustrated on your meal boxes for easy tracking of nutrition.

Make your own customised meal plan as per your routine and schedule and we will make it happen.

Note: Not more than 3000kcal.

Extra calories will increase the price.

Performance Plan

    • Daily Diet Boxes has the right to interchange meals as per availibilty of raw material.
    • Daily Diet Boxes can replace any meal as per customers' review any given point of time.
    • Daily Diet Boxes can notify prior in advance of the holidays/ breaks in delivery.
    • Daily Diet Boxes uses only fresh organic material for their preps.
    • Daily Diet Boxes maintain the quality of food and hygiene to utmost level.
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